About ACMA

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Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy ACMA is the pioneer in the provision of resources for success, leading you towards the certification as professional performance coach.

Set up by the InVision Group in 2013, it is the vision of ACMA to raise the professionalism of coaching in Asia. ACMA introduce coach certification model of international standard. We see this as a path our graduates can take to get the truly professional foundational training essential to become masterful coaches and facilitators.  


ACMA promote the development of coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is about facilitating change and growth, facilitating the awakening of people towards responsibility and taking action for result. Through structural professional training, ACMA graduates can apply coaching skills to enhance performance in their lives, in family, relationship and career. Graduates can also achieve certification recognized by international professional organizations like ICF International Coach Federation in the U.S. and AC Association for Coaching in the U.K. With continuous learning and practice, graduates can further develop as corporate coach, relationship coach, performance coach or life coach.

Mentoring is about the imparting of knowledge, skills and wisdom. Mentoring is one of the specialities of ACMA. Over the past 10 years, InVIsion have trained and developed many professional trainers and coordinators of high quality and integrity. Through mentoring, ACMA will train more talented people with commitment to be outstanding professional trainers in Asia and particularly in China.


With the establishment of ACMA, we create partnership with leading Master Coaches and Trainers in the world who shares the same powerful vision of developing coach and trainer professionalism in Asia.

ACMA coaching programmes, Empowerment by Coaching (ECS), Advanced Coaching Certification / Mastery Coaching Certification (ACC/MCC) are designed by Mastery Coach Barbara Fagan and Dr Chris Lam, CEO of InVision, and taught by Barbara and professional Trainers from InVision. From here we embark on our new vision and commitment in Asia.

The success launch of Trainer Training Programs, Facilitator Intensive Training (FIT) and Trainer Apprentice Program (TAP) in 2015 has set solid foundation for the journey as professional trainer for participants. The ACMA Faculty Trainers are all master trainers from different places of the world. They have the same vision of passing down the legacy of decades’ wisdom as master trainers and transferring their valuable experiences and technology to talented candidates who are committed to taking great challenge for breakthrough as professional trainer of international standard.

The Trainer Fast Track Program also enables InVision Group Trainers climbing to new heights and signifies InVision/ACMA programs turning to a new page.

Within the first two years from our establishment, ACMA have trained and accredited over 1,500 Leadership Coaches and 120 ICF approved Certified Professional Performance Coaches, creating remarkable results in the development and enhancement of coaching culture. With mentoring, ACMA will continue training more talents passionate about being outstanding professional trainers, raising the status and standard of professional trainers in Asia, particularly in China to international level.