ACMA Leadership

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The ACMA Leadership and Advisory Board guides the Academy in the continued provision of world-class trainer training, and coaching programs and services in Asia. Board members provide high-level links to the professional communities and help ensure that ACMA programs and services are of international standards and in step with the needs of global business communities.

The ACMA Leadership and Advisory Board will review current situation, ongoing progress, and outline plans for new initiatives or strategies.

ACMA Leadership

Dr. Chris Lam

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Olivia Pong

Chief Operating Officer

Advisory Board Council

Barbara Fagan

President&Co-Founder, Source Point Training

Jeff Cosby

President&Founder, The Avalon Group, TAG

Professor George Liu 

Professor, Tsing Hua University Business Manager Training Centre

Executive Member

Cecilia Tsang

Administration Director

Cliff Poon

Director of Digital Learning & Operations

Karen Lin

Academic Director

Annabell Lin

Academic Manager(Taipei)