Advanced/Mastery Coaching Certification (ACC/MCC)
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Advanced/Mastery Coaching Certification ACC/MCC



International Certification:

Advanced and Mastery Coaching Certification (ACC/MCC)

Awarded AC Coach Training Accreditation Top-tier Level 4/4

Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT)

by the Association for Coaching


Comments from Independent Assessors of the Programme:

  • Demonstrates a blended learning approach to coaching consisting of both the theoretical study and practical application.
  • Incorporates a variety of coaching approaches and models.
  • Includes a variety of self-study activities to support and further develop the knowledge and skills of the participants.
  • Gives participants detailed guidance for coaching practice that is undertaken during the programme.
  • Demonstrates that the additional coaching practice verified and that supporting evidence is a requirement.
  • Ensures that participants are given feedback, 1:1 supervision and are encouraged to complete additional reflective work as part of the programme.
  • Gives participants clear guidance about the written assignments they need to complete.
  • Has an assessment process in place to ensure participants' fitness to practice.
  • Incorporates a continuous evaluation and improvement process. 


Students are assigned study groups. Much of the learning outside of the classroom is in a team learning style.  There is one group teaching call between each of the in-person training modules that requires attendance and is presented in a webinar format.  Weekly calls are scheduled initially with study partners.  There are professional Faculty Coaches working with students monitoring progress each week on the assignments.





  •  Co-creating partnership by building trust and rapport with clients
  • Actively listening and effectively communicating to open self awareness
  • Empowering clients by coaching accountability and ownership
  • Intervening in self-limiting beliefs and challenging clients to take risks
  • Coaching clients to overcome common barriers to achieve desired results
  • Working with different personality styles and learning motivation needs 



Following are areas discussed and taught in both an academic and experiential manner:

  • BEING In The World - Elements of a World View
  • The Coaching Model
  • Presuppositions for Ontological Coaching
  • Levels of Competency
  • Core Conversations - Language as the House of Being
  • Context versus Content
  • Interpretation - Self and Others
  • Performance Coaching Characteristics
  • Speech Acts
  • Listening
  • Using Technology in Coaching 



The following areas will be covered as part of this Module's curriculum:

  • Enrollment as a Practice for coaching
  • Creating A Design for Life
  • Designing a Future Reality Coaching
  • Developing Well Formed Outcomes with clients
  • Assessment Tools - Measuring Results against declarations
  • Coaching Intervention tools
  • Partnership Process
  • The Preference Coaching
  • Understanding and Coaching Different Behavior Style
  • Living Healthy 



The following areas will be covered as part of this module's curriculum:

  • The Practice of Completion
  • Inventing the Game - Enrollment and Taking A Stand
  • Designing A Coaching Plan
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - A Communication Model for Change
  • Creating Rapport - building trust
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Neurological levels of processing 





  •  Individual coaching practice at master level
  • Skills in coaching team and individuals
  • Deep listening skills and tool to open up possibilities with clients to create positive change
  • Master the art of enrollment and how to initiate committed action
  • Prepare coaching plan and professional coaching contract
  • Develop coaching business of the student coaches and launch/catapult professional coaching practice.


 Module 4

This module begins the transition to Mastery of Coaching where the student coaches are introduced to the practices of becoming a Certified Professional Performance Coach   whether as an internal organizational coach or a private practice coach.  All student coaches must learn how to create agreement and become recognized as a competent coach.  They start the transition to developing their coaching practice. 

The module training focuses on:

Identifying different arenas of coaching and what is expected to be seen as a competent coach
Developing a business plan for coaching
Identifying market niche and how to reach potential clients
Effective use of social media
Competency in going to deeper levels of discovery with clients
Learning to ask difficult questions and intervention techniques
Coaching conflict resolution
Coaching groups and exploring dynamics of mixed world views.

Faculty Coaches work with the students in MCC to assure that they have the structure, tools, systems and forms that are required to track client’s progress.  A Subject Mater Expert in marketing and branding works with the students coaches to identify area of focus, client profiles and ways to reach distinct populations for attracting clients and building a successful coaching practice.  Student coaches develop their business plan or model for how they will use their coaching skills.  


 Module 5

Certification as Professional Performance Coach (CPPC) requires completion of additional intern client hours (total of 60 hours) and review of all client files by Faculty Coaches and Faculty.  Certification is awarded with the completion of an oral exam as well as written exam and commitment to operate within the Coaches Code of Ethics recognized by AC.

Presentation of business plans and brainstorming additional marketing strategies and close down with all paperwork submitted.  Presentation of a client case study is delivered. 



Mastery Coaching Certification Module 4 and Module 5 provide three-month mastery coaching curriculum to equip you to develop mastery coaching skills. Student coaches will learn to establish their own coaching practice with sustainable development, enable them  to achieve a professional credential signifying the mastery as a Performance Coach, and receive the award of MCC Certificate with the designation of Certified Professional Performance Coach upon completion.


Advanced/Mastery Coaching Certification


Seminar Date
Module 1 Jun 28-30, 2024 Day 1 12:45pm – 1:30 pm
    Day 2 & 3 1:30 pm  – 6:00 pm approx
Module 2 Aug 23-25, 2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 3 Oct 18-20,  2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 4 Dec 13-15, 2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 5 Feb 07-09, 2025 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx


Trainer:         Ms Barbara Fagan and Ms Olivia Pong

Venue:          Hong Kong 

Tuition Fee:HKD$45,000 

Contact:        Ms Barbara Zhan

Enquiry:        +852 37411111 


Advanced/Mastery Coaching Certification


Seminar Date
Module 1 Jun 21-23, 2024 Day 1 12:45pm – 1:30 pm
    Day 2 & 3 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm approx
Module 2 Aug 16-18, 2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 3 Oct 25- 27, 2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 4 Dec 20-22, 2024 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx
Module 5 Feb 14-16, 2025 Day 1 & 2 & 3 10:00am – 6:00 pm approx

Trainer:         Ms Barbara Fagan 

Venue:          Tai Pei / Guangzhou / Shenzhen**

Tuition Fee:NT $170,000 / RMB¥39,800 **

Contact:        Ms Annabell Lin / Ms Barbara Zhan

Enquiry:        +886-2-77207388 / +852 37411111 


**Venue to be decided and arranged by ACMA