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Team coaching has become the fast track to accelerate and get the results you want from your team and your business.

Amid the challenges of rapid, disruptive changes, companies are realizing that managers do not have all the answers. Command-and-control leadership has outlived its effectiveness. The leader as team coach model has emerged and benefited many companies in which managers facilitate problem solving and encourage employees’ development through coaching, by asking questions and offering support and guidance rather than giving orders and making all decisions).

Innovative and engaging leadership with focus on creativity, collaboration and empowering the team to find new ways forward, is better suited for ambiguous or fluid situations. The role of the business manager, in short, is becoming that of a team coach.

 Unleash the Power of Business Team Coaching

⁃ Are you surprised by the performance and outcomes of your teams?
⁃ Are your teams consistently greater than the sum of their members’ talents and skills?
⁃ Are your teams packed with talents but go nowhere?
⁃ The magic of Teams will not be unleashed simply by throwing people together!

Signs for implementing BTC

- Team under-performing against targets and expectations
- Lack of engagement/team showing resistance
- Dysfunction within the team: conflict; poor decision making; disruptive behaviours
- Insufficient team leadership/lack of direction
- High performing team unsure how to sustain or improve further to reach their full potential.
- Change in strategy or strategic priorities
- Virtual or Hybrid working team not aligned
- Change of team purpose
- Change of team leader/leadership
- Major changes in team membership, roles or responsibilities

 BTC as Solution to Business Challenges

Team challenges call for adaptive solutions

- Enhancing team effectiveness?
- Navigating team through big changes?
- Struggling with existing team dynamics?
- Building a new team from scratch?

BTC to help entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders and organisations to meet business challenges

- Becoming high
-performing team
- From good to great teams
- Bolstering team resilience and agility
- Resolving conflict in team
- Aligning leadership teams
- Enabling teams work well virtually and in hybrid settings
- Designing and building new teams
- Assessing team effectiveness
- Integrating teams’ post-merger
- Transforming organisations through teams

 This Team Coaching Training is for:
  • - Entrepreneurs
  • - Managers
  • - Team leaders
  • - Coaches aspiring for team coaching
  • - Internal coaches
  • L&D, HR and OD professionals who take on the role of coaching in the organization

Learn the skills and tools to coach teams to produce powerful results.  The skills of team coaching require business leaders to change their communication, the way they see the world and others.  Learn what it means to be a Team Coach and take a stand for empowering teams to create peak performance.  This is a revolutionary coach training that delivers more effective results and coaching success than any other team training.


This Team Coach training provides participants with a high-level of experiential learning that includes interactivity, practice and facilitation with feedback and modeling by master facilitators and team coaches.  This training is designed to create a learning environment that is based on high values and a commitment to coaching for results.

 Attending this Team Coaching Training will give you:
  • - 6 x 3.5-hrs online sessions designed to provide a high-impact learning of ways of being a Team Coach, with hands on coaching to learn and practice the key principles of Team Coaching under the guidance of Barbara Fagan, Master Coach
  • - A content-rich Training Workbook introducing all the skills and tools for Team Coaching recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF)  and Association for Coaching (AC)
  • - A Coach's Guide book to use following the training with examples of how to coach teams each week to become successful in achieving goals
  • - Access to ACMA on-line private Team Coaching Community to share learning and study review.
 Training Overview
Master Trainer: Barbara Fagan,AC Master Coach
Training Structure: 6 x 3.5-hrs sessions
Zoom Training: 9:30am – 1:00pm(GMT +8)
 Training Fee

Training Fee

USD 1,350
HKD 10,500
NTD 38,000
RMB 8,800

Special Offer for two people go together

HKD 7,400 / person
NTD 26,600 / person
RMB 6,200 / person

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 BTC10 Training Schedule
Week 1 07-08  November, 2023
Week 2 14-15  November, 2023
Week 3 21-22  November, 2023
Language: English with Cantonese translation
 BTC11 Training Schedule
Week 1 16-17  January, 2024
Week 2 23-24  January, 2024
Week 3 30-31  January, 2024
Language: English with Mandarin translation
 Training Programme Requirements
  • - Admission Requirement:
    • Entrepreneur, manager, team leader, coach, internal coaches, L&D, HR and OD professionals 
  • - Training Participation Requirements:
    • Participate in all 6 online sessions conducted on Zoom
    • Engage in team coaching practices ——learning for thorough understanding
    • Actively participate in action learning groups
    • Share self-learning——reading, self-reflection log
  • - ACMA Online Training Requirements:
    • Participants need to arrange a unique and quiet environment to attend the training, with stable network, and Zoom online settings.
    • Keep the camera of the computer or tablet on during the programme to ensure the effect of interaction with Trainer and the class.

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Training Programme Award

  • Participants will be awarded ACMA Team Coaching for Business Leader Certification upon completion of all online training sessions and other course requirements of the Training Programme they enrolled in.

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