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Emergenetics provides the most brand new assessment system that brings knowledge and result to individuals and enterprises.

Emergenetics goes beyond personality … Emergenetics is rooted in the concept that who you are today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences. 

Emergenetics provides a clear way to understand this intersection of nature and nurture through the Emergenetics Profile, built on four Thinking Attributes and three Behavioral Attributes that every person exhibits.

Emergenetics provides an easy one-page description that distills this complex science so an individual will immediately understand their thinking and behavioral preferences.


The Emergenetics profile uses current brain science research that gives the user confidence in its validity (it measures exactly what it’s supposed to), reliability (it won’t change over time), and it’s accurate throughout the global market.

Emergenetics has seven, separate attributes of both thinking and behaviors, which provide a nuanced view that accurately reflects a person’s attributes. They can be mixed and matched at different levels on a spectrum to describe anyone.

Co-found in 1991 by Dr Geil Browning, Ph.D. and Dr Wendell Williams, Ph.D., Emergenetics International provides individuals and organizations with the ability to operate to their highest potential by linking thinking and behavioral technology with a distinct facilitated approach to valuing and capitalizing on human assets. Emergenetics ultimately provides a method for improving teamwork, leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Emergenetics helps organizations, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, achieve desired results including increased efficiency and improved communication through solutions centered on the Emergenetics Profile and tools.

When you use Emergenetics, you know that you can rely on the psychometrics behind our tools and programs. That's because Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams developed the Emergenetics tool after years of extensive research. The 100-item questionnaire is the product of rigorous research proven to reliably capture seven fundamental thinking and behavioral preferences.

Since 1991, Emergenetics International, through its growing network of certified associates and partners operating in 45 cities around the world, have been helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize their potential through revealing thinking and behavioral preferences.

The Emergenetics Profile reveals your brilliance - the way you prefer to think and behave. We help people and organizations thrive by giving them a simpler, easier way to understand themselves and others, and build interpersonal strategies that drive performance. Every tool in our human capital suite is built for use in the workplace, in education, in your family, and in your community involvement. The result is a simpler, easier way to understand yourself and others, which maximizes your performance.

Our goal is ultimately to maximize human potential. By giving people and organizations a universal language that drives results- we're doing just that.

The Emergenetics Profile was developed to distinctively measure how people think and behave. Learning about Emergenetics theory and application of the Emergenetics Profile, it provides individual with the abilities to:

  • Learn basic skills, improve work performance
  • Enhance individual productivity, improve communication
  • Understand individual motivation, learn to apply such information in work environment
  • Based on the knowledge of individual preferences, indicate accurately on advantages and interests
  • Understand how behavior affect other people, can turn such information into more confidence and self-acceptance when collaborating with other people

Our customizable Emergenetics program designed to increase self-awareness and build more effective teams.

Our signature Meeting of the Minds Workshop is a half- or full-day program developed to reveal your thinking and behavioral preferences through experiential learning in order to realize greater individual and team potential. Conducted by certified Emergenetics associates, this workshop has been delivered around the world in a multitude of languages.

The essence of the workshop remains the same globally, so no matter where you go, you will always get the same Emergenetics experience: simple to understand, easy to use, fully engaging and fun. 

The Meeting of the Minds workshop is used as a talent development platform in a corporate or organizational environment by empowering individuals and setting the tone for a positive culture. We customize the workshop to meet organizational development needs including, leadership, personal development, team building and communication.

Through the Meeting of the Minds Workshop, you will:

  • Understand self and others
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand others' perception of you
  • Make better decisions
  • Value your gifts








The Meeting of the Minds Workshop can be customized to emphasize specific themes relevant to your needs, such as communication, personal effectiveness, and team effectiveness.

Emergenetics products bring results such as increased employee engagement, more effective leadership, and high performing teams.



Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience. These results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis.

Research and development

On a practical level, the Emergenetics Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to work, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

With this insight, you can develop personal strategies to get results.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.


With so many profiling tools in the market, here's why the Emergenetics Profile has that edge.

When you use Emergenetics, you know that you can rely on the psychometrics behind our tools and programs. That's because Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams developed the Emergenetics tool after years of extensive research. The 100-item questionnaire is the product of rigorous research proven to reliably capture seven fundamental thinking and behavioral preferences.

Pyschometric Standards
 of Emergenetics meet professional test development criteria defined by the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The Emergenetics Profile meets Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. It uses Likert Scale (not forced choice) to measure intensity. Emergenetics has strong validity and reliability, including test-retest data. It also conduct regular data norming to ensure consistency and accuracy

While no psychometric tool can truly capture the complexity and richness of the human mind-brain-body, the Emergenetics model is grounded firmly in professional psychological survey design and provides a practical and effective tool for successful individual and team communication within virtually any situation.

The Emergenetics thinking and behavioral factors can be used by Human Resources as a framework to maximize human performance. Emergenetics products are now available for hiring (i.e., the Emergenetics Selection Profile) and training (i.e., Emergenetics Profile and accompanying training programs including Meeting of the Minds and Power of WE). Also under development are an Emergenetics multi-rater feedback program and an Emergenetics performance appraisal program.

The Emergenetics Profile may be used for personal and team development in all areas of your life:

For individuals - gain greater self-awareness and value of strengths.

For team - learn and understand about people work and interact with.

For organizations – capitalize on a common language and build a collaborative workforce

Because the Emergenetics Profile yields practical results that can be easily applied within any context, the seven Emergenetics principles can be used on an individual level to gain understanding of oneself in all facets of life, including work, home, community, family and education.