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Eric Chau 周志昌

Eric Chau 周志昌



Eric 深信每一個人都俱備所有資源,同時亦承諾協助每一個指引對象釋放他們的內在潛能。 他是一個細心的聆聽者,擅於提問有力量的問題,透過區 分引發他人更深層的自我探索及醒悟。 他的指引對象包括商界及努力為自我人生變革的人士,精於指引他人改善與伴侶之親密關係。

作為香港願景創始的資深總教練及探索講師,Eric不斷培養他人成為教練及總教練, 努力鑽研教練技術,目的是在大中華地區推廣教練文化,令教練文化能在此地方片地開花,貢獻社會成就更多人,使其為自我人生創造最大價值。

Eric擁有香港理工大學放射診斷學專業文憑,澳洲查爾斯史都華大學放射診斷學士,北京大學公共經濟管理研究中心副教授 (2009-2012), 香港願景教練指引證書,亞州教練及導師學院專業教練國際認證及International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Professional Performance Coach.及會員。

Eva Lam 林文惜

Eva Lam 林文惜

Eva helps people who desires happiness, through her professional, love and empathy coaching to create healthy and completed life.

Eva is married with 2 girls, she has happiness family and at the same time, lives with her dream and has wonderful career.  She has love, empathy and curiosity.  Eva is an professional psychotherapist, as well as a resourceful professional performance coach with high level of flexibility.  She is strong at building rapport, and good at relationship coaching and personal growth.

Through continuous learning so many years, Eva is able to integrate Chinese and Western cultures in her coaching and training, from business management to psychotherapist then to be an professional performance coach and trainer, she has diverse experience in different areas, she is able to navigate her coaching client to explore deeper self awareness, difference possibilities and resources.


Master in Counselling

Master in Business Administration

Clinical Hypnotherapist - American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)

Certified NLP Trainer - American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Certified Master NLP Practitioner - American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Prepare/Enrich Counselor

Committee of The Hong Kong Society of Pyschotherapy

Advanced Coaching Certification - ACMA, Hong Kong

Member of International Coaching Federation

Emergenetics Associates

Karen Lin 林維貞

Karen Lin 林維貞

Karen is passionate about personal leadership and team building and organization and management, and she believes that everyone has their own unique value and characteristics, through the coaching can play a personal high efficiency and create excellent results, clear goals and objectives, clear and effective strategies and plans, and then achieve the dreams and the goals.

Karen's advantage is keen observation, clear purpose and category, empathy to listen, good at thoughtful questions and direct responses, to guide people to “use the advantages of talent, create results effectively”.