Coaching Supervisor

Ms. Annabell Lin

Ms. Annabell Lin

Mission: H-H coach Studio founded by the love as a starting point, we believe that people are genuine, virtuous, and beautiful as their ontology!

Its' committed to the popularize of coaching culture, to all areas in the Greater China, aimed at the pursuit of lead by example, contribute to the world, serve the people as its purpose to education the potential as well as to create the core value!!


Concept: We respect each person's life is unique, we believe the love is the power of all, willing to lead by example way, live as genuine, believe in implement practice!


Guide of coach culture is respect, empathy, inclusive, listening and co-operation with coaches, awake the hearts of each person to the positive energy!


And then create the result of their truly desire! Start from every person, through the power of awakening, passing each person, family, society, country, and thus affect the world! Let the world become genuine, virtuous, beautiful world!


Annabell is warm, energetic and rigorous performance coach. She passionate about facilitates professionals in commercial and corporate circles to realize they’re full potential from within. She supports her client to pursue a successful life through encouragement and cooperation.  


Annabell is committed to creating a secure and trusting relationship with her client.  She seeks to listen and understand by asking powerful questions to coach clients in exploring all their possibilities, in order to create motivations and strategies that help them move forward. She takes seriously the well being of every individual. She believes that everyone is capable of exploiting his/her own uniqueness to achieve a better life through self-searching and self-assessment! She also works with her clients in setting goals and taking effective actions to achieve their specific results in life.


Annabell serves to business owner and cooperator decision maker by one on one coaching!


Annabell's Working Experiences:


  • Medical laboratory scientist for 4 years in medical centers in Taiwan.
  • Leader of a sales representative team of a medical equipment company in Taiwan (Immunoassay dealership, USA based) for 4 years. 
  • Worked in electronic manufacturing service for 12 years, with direct hands-on experiences inspiring team members to fully utilize their talents.
  • Being a high level executive, leading a team to achieve great results, Annabell constantly supports others to be coaches as well as being fully involved in coaching herself. 
  • Establish H-H Coaching Studio as funder. As performance coach, her purpose is to promote coaching culture to all areas in the Greater of China, and contribute to society and encourage others to create the value of life.
Annabell's Academic Background:


  • Chung Yuan Christian University - EMBA 
  • InVision Coaching Certification
  • ACMA International Professional Coaching Certification
  • ICF International Coaching Federation Member       


Ms. Cecilia Tsang

Ms. Cecilia Tsang

Cecilia guides people who desire fulfilling relationship to live loving and abundant life through loving and sensitive coaching.

Cecilia has been married happily for 25 years. With over 20 years of business experience, Cecilia has been in management roles in human resource development and office administration in different leading companies in various industries in Hong Kong.

Cecilia also has about 20 years experience in transformational leadership development. She has led numerous leadership teams that contribute to the community and empowered the members to create remarkable results about their vision in life. Cecilia is known for her compassionate perspectives, grounded presence, refined observations and ability to engage people discover and action upon their passion for life.

As the Administrative Manager of ACMA and working with Master Coaches and Coaching Students, Cecilia feels honored being part of the Team creating a community of learning and developing professional coaches in the Greater China. She is committed to bringing together superior educational experience to coaches and exciting opportunities in opening up possibilities and positive changes to clients.

As your Mentor Coach /Faculty Coach, you can count on Cecilia to be sensitive, compassionate, loving, authentic, professional and intentional. Bringing her commitment to coaching and training, Cecilia has a strong stand for who you choose to be, what loving intimate relationship and extraordinary results you want to create in life, both personally and professionally.


MSc Mental Health Studies – King’s College London, United Kingdom •

BSc Psychology (Hon) – University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Studies in Family Therapy – University of Hong Kong,

Hong Kong
• Coaching In Vision – InVision, Hong Kong

•Advanced Coaching Certification – ACMA, Hong Kong


Mr. Cliff Poon

Mr. Cliff Poon


Cliff有多年工程專業經驗,在未加入願景集團工作前,是工程公司東主及咖啡餐廳東主,有領導力紮實基礎。為了服務更多人,Cliff在2011年加入願景集團運作部,現職願景集團運作部總經理。Cliff管理集團所有城市的運作部員工,負責管理集團整體及各中心運作部的運行及發展。並跟很多卓越的領袖合作 。Cliff在願景集團管理層發揮卓越的領導力及才智,帶領集團運作管理至更高層次,進一步促進願景集團的增長及成功。



ACMA亞洲教練及導師學院 專業教練國際認證
ICF 國際教練聯合會會員

Mr. Eric Chau

Mr. Eric Chau



Eric是盛幄認證探索四十課程執業導師。Eric有三十年從商經驗,從2003年接觸到變革型領導發展及指引技術,之後一直參與指引技術工作,帶領過數十隊團隊,熱衷於透過教練指引帶領他人提升個人及團隊績效,激勵他人在生命中創造願景及非凡成果。 亦是全球三大教練協會之一教練學國際協會Association for Coaching (AC)認可為全球第二高級別認證PEC專業企業教練。


Eric 深信每一個人都俱備所有資源,同時亦承諾協助每一個指引對像釋放他們的內在潛能。 他是一個細心的聆聽者,擅於提問有力量的問題,透過區分引發他人更深層的自我探索及醒悟。他的指引對像包括商界及努力為自我人生變革的人士,精於指引他人改善與伴侶之親密關係。


作為資深總教練及探索講師,Eric不斷培養他人成為教練及總教練, 努力鑽研教練技術,目的是在亞洲推廣專業教練文化,令專業教練文化能在此地方片地開花,貢獻社會成就更多人,使其為自我人生創造最大價值。




EricACMA 學習及發展總監暨教練督學,The Preference 彩析資深導師,教練學國際協會Association for Coaching (AC)全球第二高級別教練認證PEC專業企業教練,及國家教育部成人教育協會(企業教練師)中級導師認證。

Ms. Jackie Liu

Ms. Jackie Liu






美國派普賽爾大學(Pebble Hills University)-工商管理碩士
專業營銷管理(國際)協會PAMA Institute of Professional Studies-營銷管理專業文憑